Historic Chiltern North East Victoria Australia

Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

This 21,565ha park is located between Beechworth and the low hills surrounding Chiltern. It includes the striking granite formations of the Mt Pilot range and the Woolshed Falls.

The Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park is 275 km north-east of Melbourne, 34 km north of Wangaratta (Melway ref: 522 E6).
The Chiltern Visitor Information Centre has a range of maps and brochures available on all hiking, walking, bike, and driving trails.

For more information on Chiltern's Mt Pilot National Park visit www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/1park_display.cfm

Biker Riders in the National Park Brush Tailed Phascogale

Yeddonba Aboriginal Heritage Site
Situated at the foot of Mount Pilot and located approximately 10 minutes drive from Chiltern and 20 minutes drive from Beechworth is the Yeddonba Aboriginal Heritage Site.

There is a 45 minute moderate walk including a board walk to view the rock artwork of what is thought to be a Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger, a goanna and a snake.

Mt Pilot
Spectacular views across the Murray Valley plains from the summit. Only a short walk from the car park.

Turn left into Old Coach Road from the Beechworth Road at the crest of the ridge (17.1 km from Chiltern). Another 2 km takes you to the car park.

Mt Pilot Trail Rides
Relaxing trail rides through the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park with an experienced guide. All rides are matched to ability with helmets provided and quiet horses.
Hosts Rosemary and Ray Brown
Cost $40 per person per hour. Bookings essential.

373 Toveys Road, Chiltern.
Tel 03 5726 1655
Email mtpilotfarm@hotmail.com

Walking tracks and hikes
The White Box Walking track is home to many precious and beautiful species of flora and fauna. The 8.5km track takes about 2-3 hours to complete. Opportunities to spot Eastern Grey kangaroos grazing in the late afternoon, smaller tree-dwelling creatures such as feather tail glider, squirrel glider and sugar gliders, brush tail and ring tail possums. Many reptiles, including the lace monitor, also live here.

White box walk brochure - www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/resources05/05_1323.pdf

Woolshed Falls
Located 20 minutes drive from Chiltern on the Chiltern-Beechworth Road, Woolshed Falls was once the centre of one of the richest goldfields in Victoria. Diggers were lured by the thousands in search of gold following its discovery at Reids Creek in 1852, and nearly 2000 ounces of gold was extracted. The miners diverted water past the falls pool, which was pumped dry to expose gold bearing material in the sand. Today, the steel supporting rods can still be seen, jutting out of the rock wall.  Best viewed just after rain. There is also a self guided walk around the alluvial gold workings.

Woolshed Falls Historic Walk Brochure - www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/resources05/05_1324.pdf